What do I need to do to divide my property in rural Linn County?

The Linn County Unified Development Code regulates the division of land. Any parcel of ground created that is less than thirty-five acres in size must submit an application for subdivision with the Linn County Department of Planning and Development. Depending on the use of the property (proposed or current) you may also need to rezone your property. Rezoning may be required when a property is being subdivided, resulting in any lot of less than 35 acres of land. A rezoning or subdivision request must meet the required minimum levels of service (MLS) and have a passing Land Evaluation Site Assessment (LESA) score calculated for the property. There are different MLS requirements for different land use designations on the Linn County Land Use Plan Map; however, they are all required to be within 1/4 miles of a county maintained hard service surfaced road. Separation requirements from Confined Animal Feeding Operations, as well as minimum distances to a fire station must also be met. Minimum levels of service are items that must be met and no variances are allowed. Email the staff at Linn County Planning and Development or call 319-892-5130 with any questions.

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