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1. How do I find a sample ballot for the current election?
2. How do I find my polling place?
3. Who are my government representatives?
4. Does your office have precinct maps?
5. Do I have to vote according to the party affiliation on my voter registration?
6. If I miss the Pre-registration Deadline, can I still vote?
7. Can I use the Election Day Registration process at your office and then go to the polls on Election Day?
8. What types of elections are held in Linn County?
9. Can I use the Election Day Registration process and vote at your office?
10. Is the Linn County Elections Office responsible for the caucus?
11. Why can’t I vote in a Primary Election if I am an Independent or No Party?
12. Does Linn County have instant runoff elections?
13. Does Linn County have recall elections?
14. How can the form of city government be changed?
15. How can the form of county government be changed?