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Property Condition Form


  1. 1. Property Condition Form
  2. 2. General Information (Building)
  3. 3. General Information (Owner)
  4. 4. Condition Assessment
  5. 5. Priorities
  6. 6. Grant Funding History
  • Property Condition Form

    1. Overview
      In an effort to more efficiently track the condition of Linn County’s historic resources for the purpose of awarding grants responsibly to well-informed projects that fit the mission of the Linn County Historic Preservation grant program, the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission has created this Property Condition Form. Property owners are required to use this form, as part of their grant application, to communicate their property’s needs when applying for a Linn County Historic Preservation Grant. This form not only aids the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission in tracking the needs of our county’s historic resources, it engages the property owner in the process in a way that heightens their awareness of their property’s condition allowing them to better plan for maintenance and improvements.