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Smoke Free Housing Pledge

  2. As a Linn County Public Health partner, we hereby PLEDGE to encourage and promote healthy and safe living environments. By signing this pledge our organization agrees to the following:
  3. • We will direct clients to Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) for smoke free housing policy information and technical assistance when asked
  4. • We will provide education materials on smoke free housing to our clients and encourage families to make rules against smoking in their homes
  5. • We will join Linn County Board of Health in acknowledging buildings and property managers/owners that provide smoke free housing through the Smoke Free Housing Community Acknowledgement Program
  6. • We will share ideas that support smoke free housing in our community
  7. • We will direct clients looking for smoke free homes to the Iowa Smoke Free Registry
  8. By submitting this Pledge, you agree to allow Linn County Public Health and affiliates to use your name or organization name on the Smoke Free Housing Community Acknowledgement
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