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Witwer Trust Grant Application FY24


  1. 1. Requirements & Criteria
  2. 2. Grant Applicant Information
  3. 3. Proposal Content
  4. 4. Required Attachments
  • Requirements & Criteria

    1. What is required of Grantees?
      • Grant funding must be used for the project described in your application. If you find you need to use the funding for other purposes, you must request permission in writing prior to doing so.
      • The Board of Supervisors may request that a representative from your organization attend a public meeting to relate progress toward the completion of your project at any time.
      • Press releases, annual reports and materials printed with grant funds should credit the Linn County Board of Supervisors Witwer Trust. Contact for a logo for such materials.
      • A final report is required. A final report form will be sent to grant recipients. Documentation of grant expenses is required. Documentation can include copies of receipts or copies of paid invoices. This information is due to Linn County by Nov. 1, 2024. Organizations that fail to meet this requirement will be ineligible for future Witwer Trust grants.
      • Any unexpended grant funds must be returned.
    2. Evaluation Criteria

      Grant applications will be reviewed based on how well they meet the following objectives:

      • Has potential for long-term impact
      • Serves a broad segment of the population or those at risk
      • Addresses an emerging need, or provides a solution to an existing community and/or organizational need
      • Clearly describes project goals
      • Demonstrates sound financial plans for future funding of the project/program
      • Project developed in collaboration with other organizations or does not duplicate services

      The Linn County Board of Supervisors Witwer Trust Grant Program receives more funding requests than it can possibly grant. If support of a worthwhile program is declined, this decision does not reflect on the value of the group or service, but rather on the need to be selective because resources are limited.

    3. Required Attachments

      Applications must include the following attachments:

      • Organizational budget
      • Assurances form (download from Grant Program webpage)
      • Proof of nonprofit status
      • Board of directors
      • Project budget
    4. Requirements & Criteria Verification*